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EXPOflor® Basics or commonly known as needle punched is the popular choice for the exhibition and event. They are the most cost effective carpet and will definitely meet your budget. We have 42 colours for your selection. Special colours and qualities can be produce upon request.

About Basics

You can always count on EXPOflor® to handle all your flooring needs with ease. Our EXPOflor® Basics is a range of needle-punched carpets, which are an immensely-popular choice for events and exhibits. Needle punching is a type of carpet manufacturing technique wherein a layer of short staple fibres are punched with needles into a spun, synthetic scrim, and intertwined to produce a surface fibre mat. Such carpets are known to have colourfast properties, and are also resistant to sunlight, which makes them also ideal for poolside areas, patios, as well as entry mats. We are stringent about quality, and ensure that our carpets adhere to the strictest standards, which make them ideal for usage in major events and exhibitions.

If you’re seeking quality carpets on a budget, look no further for our range boasts of premium-quality floorings at cost-effective rates. We also provide a comprehensive selection of 42 colours for you to choose from, which includes flattering shades such as Atlantis 178 and Violet 500. If you have a special colour in mind, we also provide product customization.

EXPOflor® Basics are produced with needle-felt technique, and composed of 100% polypropylene for your convenience. Ideal for both indoors and outdoors, these carpets are durable and provides good colour fastness. Be it an event or an exhibition, these carpets are an excellent option for those seeking functional flooring solutions.

Technical Specification

Manufacturing Method
Pile Composition
100% Polypropylene
Total Weight
300g/m2 ± 10%
2.5mm ± 10%
Roll Diameter
30cm ± 15%
Country of Origin

The Products

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