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Two Decades of Experience in Floorcoverings

The Mill is in the business of providing innovative flooring solutions in a sustainable way for 2 market segments with a comprehensive range of products and services.

Commercial & Hospitality

Desso Carpet, Natural Sisal Carpet, Grass Carpet, SHOW Performance Vinyl Sheet, 500 Unique Colours Luxury Quality Carpet, Kraiburg Sports Floor, Entrance Matting System

Exhibition & Event

EXPOflor® was established in 1998 as a distributor of floor covering products and services. Over the years, EXPOflor® has become a leading name in the exhibition and events industry.

Our large client base ensures that EXPOflor® products and services are feature regularly at exhibition and event venues. With unrivalled fitting experience together with an innovative leading product range, EXPOflor® is able to meet and exceed your design requirements.



EXPOflor - Two Decades of Experience in Floorcoverings
EXPOflor - Two Decades of Experience in Floorcoverings

Our Vision & Mission


To be the market leader in providing innovative flooring solutions in a sustainable way for the exhibition, event, commercial & hospitality in Singapore & ASEAN.


Capability building to be a digital first organisation and to develop our people, products and services

Sustainable Flooring with 4R’s Model –Reduce, Reuse, Repurpose & Recycle.

Enlarge our territory digitally in ASEAN countries through network of partners & offices in Indonesia, Malaysia and Vietnam.

Green Statement of The Mill International Pte Ltd

In 1987, the United Nations Brundtland Commission defined sustainability as “meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs.”
Going forward, we will transform into a company that provide and advocate sustainable flooring for exhibitions & events.

EXPOflor - Green Statement The Mill Internation Pte Ltd
EXPOflor - Green Vision

Green Vision of The Mill International Pte Ltd

Transform the Carpet Industry in Singapore and to align our company with the global direction of a sustainable green future.

We do not inherit it from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children

EXPOflor - Green Mission

Green Mission of The Mill International Pte Ltd



Greener Products

Expoflor Basics and Expoflor REV uses a green production process that translate into a 35% reduction in CO2 Emission. Cradle2Cradle Silver. Launch January 2023.

To replace existing product range with greener choices.


All our carpet does not come with a protector sheet (Except Basics White 400). However, we provide it only upon request.



Reusing Carpet

All our carpets for exhibitions & events are on rental basis. For Expoflor Basics, we de-install the carpet, clean it and re-stock it as reuse carpet.

Offer it as a standard product range in January 2023, subject to availability at point of request.

Carpet in 2m Width and in 3 common colors 150, 160 & 180 and other colors whenever available.



Festive Decoration

We have repurposed our carpet remnant into festive wall decoration during the Lunar New Year. Will sell the mega size ones and give away the smaller ones to the less fortunate.


Another product would be repurposing our carpet remnant into mat. Giving it to the less fortunate with an Anti Slip.



Upcycling of our Greener Products

Each year, we disposed more than 100 tons of carpet, which landed up in Singapore’s limited landfill.

We plan to recycle our greener exhibition carpets in Singapore by collaborating with like-minded companies to recycle our Expoflor Basics and Expoflor REV into high grade recyclate, which can be use as raw material to produce other useful thing.