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Glossy flooring is perfect for stage and screen usage, whereas the Uni wonderful semi-matte colours provides a great mix for your next production.

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At EXPOflor®, we provide a complete range of Show Flooring options in different variations including Glossy, Uni, and Glitter for application in TV shows, stage shows, events, exhibits, catwalks and various dance performances. Regardless of whether you’re organising a stage/screen performance, coming out with a production, our selection of quality flooring options is the ideal pick for your needs. These are designed to remain in optimal condition for longer periods of time and come in a range of colour combinations and textures for you to choose from. Owing to their resilient properties, these remain resistant to everyday wear and tear and are thus an excellent choice for stage and screen usage.

Our range of versatile Show Floorings can be effortlessly applied across a comprehensive range of stage and screen events and come in different specifications for specific application. For instance, Glossy flooring is ideal for stages and screens, Uni semi-matte colours are well-suited to production.

We have 25 years of experience in providing floor coverings for the show and performance industry. Our large client base gives us exposure to different concerts, staging, theatres and we pride ourselves on successful installations for wide-ranging genres of shows and performance. We are dedicated to providing quality show flooring solutions to all our customers and ensure that we respond to all requirements as swiftly as possible. Our stock program is what enables us to respond to the needs of our clientele in a timely manner.

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Heterogeneous with CLP surface treatment
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