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EXPOflor introduces Rewind, innovative latex-free event carpet that helps reduce your ecological footprint. More than simply a product, Rewind is a concept that offers both economic and ecological advantages as part of your corporate social responsibility strategy. Unique.

Rewind Dilour Collection carpets add a touch of plush to your event experience. Available in 29 select colors, Dilour carpets are extra thick and 100% sustainable.


About Rewind Dilour

We love events. They are an opportunity to celebrate creative people and great ideas, to promote innovation and to network. And event carpets? They tie it all together. A touch of colour, the perfect atmosphere and comfort – the right event carpet will elevate your event experience.

And we’re committed to the planet. Since we’ve only got one, we design our solutions to be 100% recyclable. We’re here to celebrate what matters. Recycling empowers us all to enjoy the best in life sustainably.

Rewind carpet is a brand tailored for the events sector that is 100% latex-free and recyclable. We’re greening up the event sector – one fiber at a time.

Rewind starts with one material and ends with the same, closing the loop and eliminating waste. Our use of high-grade mono-material means near-infinite lifetimes and a healthier planet.

Rewind event carpeting is designed for reincarnation, each new life a celebration of people and the planet. Rethink and shrink the world’s carbon footprint now with our circular sustainable solutions.

Rewind event carpets are certified sustainable. Every solution bears the Cradle to Cradle Certified Silver label, guaranteeing that your solution doesn’t just look amazing. It also saves water and significantly conserves energy.

The new way of doing business? It’s transparent, ethical, and sustainable. We’re certified sustainable to shrink our environmental footprint to zero and put people first.

Technical Specification

Manufacturing Method
Pile Composition
100% Polypropylene
Total Weight
460g/m2 ± 10%
4.2mm ± 10%
Roll Diameter
50cm ± 15%
Country of Origin

The Products

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