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EXPOflor introduces Rewind, innovative latex-free event carpet that helps reduce your ecological footprint. More than simply a product, Rewind is a concept that offers both economic and ecological advantages as part of your corporate social responsibility strategy. Unique.


About Rewind

Rewind is 100% polyolefin, which means it is 100% latex-free. This gives the product a unique and intrinsically green character. But there’s more.

The careful use of raw materials means the production process is also very environmentally friendly. No water is used and gas consumption is cut by 83% compared with the production of traditional event carpet. This low-energy process cuts the total CO2 emission by 35%. A strong performance.

Rewind offers the highest quality. Whether your event is intimate or international, Rewind is the versatile, high-performance solution, available in a wide range of event colours. A carpet two, three or four metres wide? With or without protective film? Rewind guarantees a first-rate product every time.

Working with Rewind raises your efficiency: It is easier to handle and more ergonomic to install than traditional event carpet. Rewind also offers logistical advantages: the unique composition means you need less storage space and the lower weight of the rolls keeps your transportation costs under control.

Rewind is a 100% polyolefin product, which means it contains no latex whatsoever. As a result, after use, it can be fully recycled into a pure, high-grade recyclate. The unique mark on the back of the product ensures Rewind is easy to identify. That means it can be quickly sorted from other carpet waste after use. We are happy to refer you to a recycling partner who masters the whole Rewind recycling process to help you complete the circle.

Rewind is more than a product. It is a philosophy in which economy and ecology merge into one. That ensures that Rewind creates added value for every stakeholder and the environment, at every stage of its lifecycle.

Technical Specification

Manufacturing Method
Pile Composition
100% Polypropylene
Total Weight
230g/m2 ± 10%
2.0mm ± 10%
Roll Diameter
50cm ± 15%
Country of Origin

The Products

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