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EXPOflor® PVC and Vinyl is an excellent flooring option that provides durability and long lasting performance. With professional installation, PVC and vinyl flooring are water proof and provides excellent resistance to dents, scratches, stains.

About PVC Flooring

Our full range of PVC and Vinyl flooring are available in Studs, Square, Steel and Wood design. Whether you are planning for a boat show or a car exhibition, our PVC and vinyl floor collection has what you need to run a successful show.

A well installed PVC or Vinyl floor is almost impervious to water penetration, making this the perfect floor for exhibition stands with water presentation or demonstration. It can also be installed at wet area, lounge, kitchen, toilets in chalets or VIP rooms. Any water spills can be easily mopped up and cleaned.

PVC and Vinyl flooring is highly durable. It handles heavy foot traffic excellently, without wearing and it resist stains very well. PVC and Vinyl flooring is also a resilient form of flooring. Resilient means that it is softer underfoot and gives more comfort to stand on. The resilience of the floor also means that it is quieter
than many other hard floor surfaces.

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