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Bring out a touch of glitz with our Glitter range of carpets. Popular choice for entertainment outlets, stage setup, fashion shows, events and exhibitions. We have new colours added for 2018 – 2019 collection.

About Glitter

Flooring is an important part of all exhibitions and promotional shows, as it is the first impression while entering one. With 20 years of experience, we pride ourselves in supplying floor coverings spanning a wide variety. At EXPOflor®, we provide a selection of flooring options that are visually stunning for your selection. Our Glitter range of carpets is ideal for those who seek to create a glamorous impression on entertainment and fashion shows. We have also added a stylish new range of colours to choose from, which are sure to amp up the glamour quotient in all your shows! Composed of high-grade material, these are a chic addition to all shows.

Our glittery range of carpets is designed to highlight your floor and add a sparkling element to all occasions. We provide a choice of 6 shimmery shades which include Pearl Black 1270, Diamond White 1280, Platinum Silver 1262, Bullion Gold 1246, Galaxy Blue 1227, and Grammy Red 1271 which can be contrasted or matched with the stage setup or theme of the event. Rest assured that our flooring options are crafted with quality materials, and are durable enough to withstand repeated usage.

You can count on us to provide you with some of the fanciest flooring options in the industry. In show business where ambience is all important, standout floorings are the expected choice. We enable you to add a glamorous touch to all your entertainment shows with our glittery selection of carpets. We have a range of colourful floorings with glittery surfaces, which are designed to complement different themes at various occasions.

Technical Specification

Manufacturing Method
Pile Composition
100% Polypropylene
Total Weight
680g/m2 ┬▒ 10%
Roll Diameter
35cm ┬▒ 5%
Country of Origin

The Products

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