Basics SAFE+ Antimicrobial Carpet

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EXPOflor - Basics SAFE+ Antimicrobial Carpet

Basics SAFE+ Antimicrobial Carpet

Kills 99.9% viruses, bacteria & fungi, EXPOflor’s Basics SAFE+ antimicrobial coated needle-punched carpet will keep your exhibition and event safe.

It prevents bacteria from outside getting in, as well as hinders the internal spread of bacteria by providing a surface impossible for bacteria to survive on.

Extensive tests as per international standards have been performed to ensure that the quality and safety of the coating meet the industry requirements. All tests were 100% conducted in Singapore.

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stages, fashion shows, events, exhibitions


For EXPOflor’s Basics SAFE+ Antimicrobial exhibition carpet, we recommend an usage of up to 30 days from coated date.

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